he functioning of a clitoral stimulator is quite simple. It is a device that stimulates the clitoris, the most innervated organ in women. With approximately 8,000 nerve endings, it does not take much to give yourself immediate pleasure: by sucking, vibrating, caressing, touching with your fingers, etc. On the market, there is a wide range of clitoral stimulators. Choosing one can be a difficult task. To find a clitoral stimulator that will best suit your needs, a few criteria should be considered. These devices are available on specialized websites.


Among the types of clitoral stimulators, you can mention the vibrating finger, the wand massager, the clitoral vacuum cleaner and the mini vibrator. In practice, you can achieve clitoral orgasm with anything, whether it is a sex object or not. You can even reach orgasm by masturbating with your hands. To enjoy new or stronger sensations without having to use your fingers in all directions for example, you can simply use a clitoral stimulator which will be more suitable. The vibrating finger is a tip in which you place your finger. It can have asperities causing pleasure by rubbing it on your clitoris, but it can also be vibrating so that you can concentrate to the maximum without making too many movements. Among the most famous sex toys is the wand massager. With a rather long handle, the round tip stimulates the clitoris and the large one. The clitoral vacuum cleaner is a sextoy using a stimulation that causes the same sensations as a suction. With a hollow shape, the tip emits vibrating waves similar to pulses on the glans of the clitoris. It is the model that causes the most pleasure and quickly. The mini vibrator is small. It is more discreet and takes the form of an object that can be stored discreetly in your bag. Are you looking for a clitoral stimulator? Do not hesitate to browse the specialized sites.


The models of clitoral stimulators have different characteristics. Some are rechargeable and others only work on the mains. In general, the material used to design a clitoral stimulator is medical silicone or ABS plastic. Most clitoral stimulators that produce a suction effect can be used in the bath or shower, as they are waterproof. In the case of rechargeable models, their autonomy depends on the capacity of the battery. Before choosing a clitoral stimulator, certain criteria should be considered, such as the power and number of vibrations, the recharging method, the battery life and the design material. The power and number of vibrations are more or less a matter of feeling. Some suction models have vibration in addition to pulsating waves. With this double function, several erogenous zones can be stimulated.


Whether it is a personal clitoral stimulator or a gift, the packaging and the box are also important details. There is nothing like a beautiful box, possibly containing accessories such as a sample of lubricant for example. As with all online orders, you can have your order delivered to your home. In general, delivery is free, as it is already included in the price of the clitoral stimulator. You will also be able to take advantage of a minimum two-year warranty. Some brands can even provide you with longer periods of use.