Published on : 10 October 20224 min reading time

Massages have gained enormous popularity in recent years. They are seen as one of the most effective treatments for stress and tension. Currently, health professionals are beginning to recognize the benefits of body and mind, especially body-body massage. This type of massage is usually offered in wellness centers. Body-body massage, once considered taboo, is slowly becoming popular as people expand their minds. What are the real benefits of body-body massage? Find out more.


Massage has started to face a great success, so many years have passed. In fact, many people consider massages, especially an effective treatment to combat stress. Nevertheless, body-to-body massage has been consistently excluded from sensual and erotic nature. However, it is rare to provide this type of massage today. Indeed, it is recommended to those who want to fight people who suffer from daily stress or fight against the malaise.

It is not always easy to break the barriers, but once you do, you can fully appreciate the moment. It should be noted that body massage, like all erotic massages, is performed naked. For a traditional massage, the masseuse will only use her hands, while for a body-body massage, she will use her body. This means that her belly, her chest, her legs and her forearms will be used to make pressures on the body, the one to be massaged and to cuddle her on different parts of her body.

Despite its highly sensual and voluptuous nature, body-to-body massage offers unparalleled pleasure while relaxing the muscles and soothing the mind. According to practitioners of Yoga and Tantra, it will allow a person to reach a certain level of spirituality. Finding a balance between physical and emotional well-being is the main task of this type of massage.


You should know that body-to-body massage is one of the many options of Tantric massage. You need to know that Tantra is a custom that originated in India about 5,000 years ago. Tantra is a spiritual activity that in itself should become a way of life. A body-to-body massage is a derivative of Tantric massage that aims at relaxation, not just sexuality. It has deliberately borrowed a code from nudism and has absolutely nothing to do with clandestine prostitution. However, many couples use it as foreplay and do not deny themselves the pleasure of body-to-body massage.


Expert body-to-body massage sessions last from thirty minutes to one hour. The masseuse will be covered in oil as will the client’s body. For relaxation, she usually uses organic oils with a soothing essential oil taste.

Basically, the session begins with the hands, where the masseuse gradually touches and strokes the client’s body. To diversify the sensations, the caress can be softened or reinforced. But one thing is certain. You will be completely cut off from the worries that prevent you from relaxing. At the end of the session, your body will be toned again. In the meantime, you can also practice body-to-body massage as a couple. In this case, it aims to strengthen the intimate ties that bind the partner and, above all, to strengthen the desire. The sessions take place in a soothing atmosphere in a quiet room with soothing music. You can also place scented candles around the massage table or mat.
Despite its sensual side, which evokes strong desires, a body-to-body massage relaxes the muscles for pure pleasure. Thus, after massaging the body, the mind is soothed.


In most cases, men practice this type of massage. Therefore, there is a tendency to believe that this sensual massage is reserved for men only. Because women can appreciate it. In fact, there is not only a beautiful masseuse who does this, but also handsome masseurs.

In a massage place, you can hold in a professional salon, but it can be held at home. Either way, you need to complete the condition. In other words, a large room or a massage mat and a table. There is a good leaning light that can provide the atmosphere of Zen. Finally, the hidden music, soft and romantic. Like any type of massage, this one has a spirit and a physical benefit, so it should not be consumed appropriately.