Nowadays, with the advancement of communication means, it has become easier to chat with distant friends, to schedule new meetings or to make money in different ways... Video interaction is the latest and greatest advance in the field thanks to the webcam. It allows you to: talk with friends or relatives in a direct way, take pictures or make videos with a video chat software. On that note, the webcam sex has gained enormous popularity in recent years. This name evokes the realization of sexual acts in front of the camera. It's virtual sex where you can hear and see everything live or even have a hot encounter. Thanks to young and charming hostesses called cam girls, you can fulfill a lot of fantasies, share intense and erotic moments behind your computer. There are many websites offering sex cam and among them, the French cam is the most requested.


For a long time, pornographic sites have reigned alone in the world of distribution of sexual and erotic videos of all categories. But since 2004, sex cam sites have been created, but it is only in 2007 that they found a mass audience. The webcam sex consists in performing sexual acts or making love virtually in front of a webcam via specialized sites or through instant messaging or Skype. On the one hand, this practice allows distant couples to share intimate moments and maintain their emotional bond despite the distance. On the other hand, it also allows you to interact with cam girls from all over the world, cam boys, transsexuals, straight couples, or with homosexuals, there is something for everyone. Some play in their bedroom, others play in their living room or in their kitchen. They can offer you soft & sexy shows, hard porn, lives for the sentimental ones to succumb to the charms of the sexy girls. On most of the webcam sites, it is possible to chat with the models, and even to plan a hot date.


The selection of the best websites is based on several criteria such as: the quality and exclusivity of the video, the number of models presenting the sexy shows, their efficiency to satisfy the subscribers and the visitors, their notoriety... We can find sex cam France, sites typically French, as for other countries. The presence of a site card for each of the websites offering virtual sex can help people wishing to share sexual moments with the models. This sheet usually contains the opinion of the visitors or the public. This is very important, because you can find there the strong and weak points of the site or the remarks displeasing on this last. You can also consult on this sheet the promotional offers concerning the purchase of tokens for example, as well as the various types of service proposed by the website... To help you choose the site(s) for your registration, the best known and the best are : Chaturbate with thousands of cam girls from all over the world, of all categories and who are available at any time of the day and night, presenting a more modern interface.


The webcam sites are easy to use, as they offer you all the essential information on their homepage. Regarding the background colors of the main page and its graphics, most of them present a soft and sensual graphics to attract the visitors. But the sex cam sites will be nothing without the cam girls. You can find them of all categories like: young beautiful and sexy girls, mature women, lesbians, straight couples, threesomes, BBW, transsexuals and men who show themselves to satisfy you. As soon as you enter, you can see the connected models, as well as the different rankings of the models by criteria: age, gender appearance, hair color, hair length, eye color, height and weight, chest, ethnicity and price. You will also find the number of models you have bookmarked, a link to your profile and the number of new messages you have received, as well as the consultation of your remaining tokens. In order to switch from the free feature to the private feature, you need to register. Registration is completely free, you just have to fill in the necessary information such as: the nickname of your choice, your valid e-mail address and your password. As these are pornographic sites, you must be of age to view the cams or visit the site. A pop-up will be opened as soon as you enter the site asking if you are over 18, which already shows the reliability of the site.


Token is a financial instrument used by companies in Initial Coin Offering or ICO. It is the currency used by most sexy cam sites. You can get your tokens on the concerned site and pay by: phone, bitcoin, CB, SMS, bank transfer or prepaid cards.  Payment and transactions are secure and guaranteed by a major bank. The offers available on the sites are usually offered at varying rates, with respective credits of 25, 50, 100 and 150. But other sites offer tokens as packages for tipping models.  The promotional offers for the tokens depend on each site. Acquiring the tokens will later allow to move to the private feature where visitors are allowed to chat live with the models and have moments of intense fun and excitement.  The cam girls are able to do anything that will please you, they are there to realize your wildest fantasies. But of course, this involves even more costs, that is, more tokens than the classic cam. You will pay, in the majority of the cases, with the minute according to a grid defined in advance by the site or by the girl herself.