For 8 out of 10 cheaters, adulterous sex is better than official sex: here is the ranking of erotic practices that partners reserve for their lover! Let's face it: 90% of betrayals are for purely sexual purposes. It is physiological that in any long-term couple, the daily routine ends up numbing the libido, or that sooner or later, sex becomes... boring! And then you start looking in the neighbor's garden, where the grass, as we know, is always greener. Not everyone decides to move from imagination to action, but those who do have no doubt: for 8 out of 10 cheaters, sex with a lover is better than sex with their spouse. But what's so special about adulterous sex? In Italy, 15,000 people responded to a survey launched by an extramarital dating website and confessed to everything they do with their lover and not with their spouse!


78% have tried these erotic practices for the first time with their lover: Sex toys, bondage, threesome.... these are some of the sexual practices that the unfaithful experienced for the first time in the arms of the lover. Apparently, adulterous love makes more uninhibited and transgressive. In particular, the use of sex toys, such as vibrators, plugs or harnesses, which is at the top of the list of things that cheaters like to experience with their lover (49%). This is followed by "50 shades of gray" sex, blindfolded and/or hands tied (28%), and then anal sex (24%). Nine percent go even further, admitting to having tried threesomes (or more!) for the first time, while six percent have experimented with BDSM, which includes practices such as bondage or sadomasochism. Maybe the fact of feeling far away from your daily life, your children, your work, your routine, makes you feel more relaxed and uninhibited? One thing is certain, however: extramarital sex seems to be much more varied and interesting than official sex!


The lover beats the spouse in frequency and quality. When the sexual act is consummated outside the formal union, different elements come into play. The challenge, first of all: the challenge of "pleasure", under the comforter, with someone who evaluates us without the eyes of love. The priority given to one's own pleasure and not to that of the other (precisely because one does not love him, one does not compromise). The taste of the forbidden, the novelty.... Put all these elements together and we will have the explosive recipe for a more motivated and passionate sex. This translates into an exponential increase in (female) orgasms with the lover, it happens in 62% of cases, while with the spouse this figure drops to 21%. The frequency is also a key factor: the unfaithful have sex more often, at least twice a week (42%) if not more (6%), while the official partner must be satisfied with one (55%)if not at all (19%).