The flame of love burns at the beginning of a relationship. The feeling of needing one another diminishes over time, especially if the couple doesn't have enough time for romantic strolls. Need to save your relationship as soon as possible? Move on to important life-changing activities. Take advantage of some tips to get your relationship back on track.


You want to discover the hidden side of your partner? Spend some time together in a room. Start seducing your other half again to forget all your daily worries. This will allow him to discuss with you without reserve. Even better, you will witness his best sexual demonstrations. Choose a sex game that could develop your feeling for each other. Playing the role of a teacher and a schoolgirl would be very interesting. The woman will have to play the role of a shy little student who has a crush on her teacher. On his side, the man will be the mean teacher who will not hesitate to punish his students. Make love on your little desk for a better simulation of the scenario. Don't hesitate to take some pictures for memories of your special moments.


Preparing for sex play requires motivation above all else. Rekindle your romance by booking a table at your favorite restaurant. This will allow you to calmly discuss your problems as a couple. You can also talk about your plans for the future: professional career, marriage, children, house, etc. Tasty meals will give you all the energy you need for an original naughty game. A good bottle of wine will optimize your inspirations for your night in love. Instead of taking a cab home after dinner, walk to start the truth action game. Answer the questions when you are designated to tell the truth. However, the actions will have to wait until your private moments at home. Once you walk through the door to your room, undress to show your man your new sexy lingerie.


Has your partner been away from you for weeks because of work? Ask him or her to take a sabbatical and come with you to the other side of the world. A week's vacation together would make your situation much better. Don't wait until Valentine's Day or the end of the year to take your dream trip. Pack your bags in a few minutes to take the available flight. A good morning on a terrace with a beautiful view of the beach might just inspire your man to propose. If you already have children, an impromptu vacation will bring back memories of your youth. In a cottage in the middle of nowhere, plan sex games you never dared to perform. Get some practical ideas from a naughty website to impress your soul mate. For example, try a sex toy hunt in your small space together. This sex game involves hiding your favorite sex toys in cabinets, drawers or at the bottom of the bed. When your partner finally finds your secret stash, let them use the erotic toy on you. Challenge your partner to use only the sex toy to bring him or her to orgasm.