Nowadays, there are many more sextoy choices than before: dildos, vibrators, geisha balls, anal plugs, and even virtual reality! From now on, whether it is a model for women or for men, there is something for every pleasure. For women, the clitoral stimulator remains a must. It has been the subject of many studies and experiments, and those who have tried it have reported having orgasms in just a few minutes. And it works every time. Plus, did you know that the majority of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation? Find out today how to choose the right clitoral stimulator for you.


Also called clitoral suction cup, the clitoral stimulator exerts an adjustable vacuum or suction effect on the head of the clitoris, this female organ that can measure more than ten centimeters inside the body. And it's safe to say that the sensations of pleasure are immediate, since the clitoral stimulator precisely targets the sensitive nerve endings. Clitoral stimulators are equipped with small motors that produce a mixture of shock waves, air and gentle excitations. The result: this continuous stimulation causes blood to flow into the woman's little bud, which explodes into one or more intense orgasms. For your information, the use of this device does not require any contact or friction. Moreover, the clitoral stimulator has recently been tested in therapy for people who are frigid, anorgasmic or who lack sexual desire. Clitoral women, who get sexual pleasure from clitoral stimulation, benefit the most from this device. Vaginal women can also benefit, but to a lesser extent. Finally, you should know that there are clitoral devices that rely on another function: sex toys with small "tongues" to simulate oral sex. Operating in pulsation mode and with different adjustable speeds, these devices are just as effective for cumming as the other models.


Now that you know more about what a clitoral suction cup is and how it works, it's time to focus on a key question: how to find the right stimulator for you? First of all, you should know that you can find different models in the most popular sex shops, or in online sex shops. Choose a clitoral stimulator that makes less noise, with a sound below sixty decibels. This will allow you to use the device discreetly, wherever you are. You don't want to end up with a noisy device, even if you're a naughty girl! Besides, some models are equipped with a silent mode. The second criterion of choice concerns the quality of the manufacturing materials. Apart from the internal parts, clitoral stimulation devices are mainly made of hypoallergenic silicone for the tips, and ABS plastic for the covering body. These materials are safe and have no health consequences. On the packaging, you can find useful information that guarantees the quality of the device. In addition, you can also choose a multifunctional clitoral stimulator, with an elongated structure for vaginal penetration at the same time. This combination is very popular with women.


You don't have to get a very powerful stimulator unless you like very intense sensations. A large device does not always mean more power, and vice versa. If you want to have "roaming" suction, choose a stimulator with a removable tip. If possible, choose a device that comes with spare parts. You can also buy them separately. If you use the unit occasionally, choose a battery-operated unit. If you use it frequently, it is better to choose a battery-operated device. It can be recharged on the mains, by USB or by adapter. It may also be useful to use a waterproof clitoral sextoy, i.e. waterproof. The average autonomy of a device varies between four and five hours. You can enjoy it in the shower or in the pool.


Whatever model you choose (with a small tab or by suction effect), the device remains quite easy to use, and therefore does not require any specific knowledge. It is handled instinctively: spread the labia majora and minora, then make the clitoris button appear. Then turn on the device, starting with the lowest level. Move it closer to the organ, making sure that the head of the clitoral stimulator is fully oriented towards the inside of the clitoris. You can now vary the intensity and speed of the little machine, to vary the pleasures and cum for sure! The clitoral stimulator can be used by both singles and couples.